Hooke Trail

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The Hooke Trail is the road for bravers and the holy land Here is the details of 23 lines.(1)

Building an Off-Road holy land which belonging to the Chinese has been dreamed for a long time. We finally found a small valley that might meet the requirements in an inconspicuous place in the border of Ningxia and Inner Mongolia at the end of 2014 .

However, the local special group stone terrain was too hard for the large excavation equipments to excavate. Finally, 18 people,depending on manpower, spent three months to build such a difficult climbing route and completed the impossible task.

The Hooker Trail has developed 23  trails with different difficulties up to now, and it still keeps development. All the lines are built across to the flood ditches, and  modified the mountains slightly.

The over-exploitation of the Helan Mountain has devastating damage the natural environment and the ancient Great Wall sites. However,the Hooke Trail protected the natural environment directly. It has became a sanctuary for outdoor sports such as four-wheel drive, mountain climbing, rock climbing, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, mountain biking, and camping.


The Hooke Trail attracted the attention of off-road fans all over the world,  everyone came and left their footprints. Each line also has its own story. By the end of the year, please follow us and learn somethings about the Hook Trail’s classic route.



难度★ 风景★★★★

Gobi, Ming Great Wall, Beacon Tower, and Stone Great Wall, with a total length of 13.5 kilometers, lasted for one hour. All Jeep models are very suitable, no matter the two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, you can enjoy the majestic beauty of Helan Mountain and the hustle and bustle of the Great Wall on this road.

We will pass through the Gobi Desert, the deep gorge, and the Beacon Tower. We can also see the few stone Great Walls and the sheepfold that were built more than 100 years . Helan Mountaintop is full of beauty.


难度★ 风景★★★★

The Jeep four-wheel drive can find all fun in the Great Wall Line 2. Some routes overlap with the Great Wall Line 1. The cross-shaft, side slope and single-sided bridge are natural elements given by nature.

The cross-shaft, side slope, and single-sided bridge are all natural elements given by nature. In the off-road elements that accompany these bloody sprays, we will also climb the mountains and look into the distance, and the spectacular windmills will be in full view.




难度★★ 风景★★★★

Helan Mountain: Old trees, Gobi, Ming Great Wall, Stone Great Wall, Windmill, Flowers field, with a total length of 22.5 kilometers, takes 1 hour.The only route that can pass through Helan Mountain is beginning at Ningxia in the east and end at Inner Mongolia in the west. The Jeep Wrangler can feel it.

The beautiful scenery of Helan Mountain is always running through, the sky is clear and high, and the mountains are breezy. The three difficult places such as Stone Great Wall, Panlong Ditch and Huanghua Slope are lingering. In actient times, Yue Fei drove a long car to break through the Helan Mountain, and now we can also drive Jeep cross Helan Mountain.


难度★★★ 风景★

The Great Wall and the Mountaintop are 434 meters in length and takes 1 hour and 11 minutes.It’s famous for the last high platform that needs to dive,which suits all the Wrangler Models, 

Rattlesnake: It is definitely the best wild play place for the prime car. The heart is always running like a motor. The pavement can’t bring such stimulation.


难度★★★★ 风景★★★

Mountaintop, gully, and Beacon Towers, 649 meters in length, Takes 1 hour and 26 minutes, requiring the Wrangler 2.5inches above. The entire canyon is steep and magnificent, with three difficulties and the highest stone wall in the park.

After passing, you will see the "God Turtle" looking up at the sky.When turning around you can see the Beacon Towers and think of the ancients marching in the smoke, the grass is now more desolated.


难度★★★★★ 风景★

Rocks, Steep Slopes, and Mountaintop, with a total length of 454 meters, takes 37 minutes, the Wrangler 2.5 inches above would be suitable. The Devil's tongue has a slope of more than 60°.When standing at the foot of the mountain, looking up,you can see the "grimace"on top opens its bloody mouth. The steep mountain makes people shudder.

You must go through the open mouth and sharp fangs to reach the top of the mountain. Turn left when you are close to the mountaintop, turn slowly and listen to the command. After passing safely and calming down your heart,you can talk about the beautiful scenery...


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