Hooke Trail

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The Hooke Trail is the road for bravers and the holy land Here is the details of 23 lines.(2)

The 23 trails in the Hooke Trail are all different in sizes and difficulties. Some of them are full of beautiful scenery all the way, some are prohibitive, some can make you fully feel the excitement when  climbing, and you must be carefull if you won’t be paid a heavy price.

Actually we rarely mention "conquest" when crossing these lines, but more with awe. We respect nature and feel its magic with our heart, even every difficulty and obstacle it brings to us.What it teaches us is to feel the trust and dependence between people when we came across difficulties.I think this is the true meaning of Off-Road


难度★★★★★★ 风景★★★

Changban Ditch:The V-groove with a steep wall on one side must be passed accurately. It is relatively simple at the lower end of the slope, but at the top of the slope without circumspection you will be overturned.

I don't know if Zhao Zilong had such feeling when going in and out to Changban Ditch seven times. Remember to be careful and be careful.


难度★★★★★★ 风景★★★

The road to Zorro: At the beginning, you will pray. When you go down the road to Hook, you will still be scared and able to pass the classic lonely road and seesaw in seven kilometers.


难度★★★★★★★ 风景★★★


In the Prometheus, the big V-grooves in the crisis are everywhere, and there are large steep slopes that rush into the sky and the Ming Great Wall. At the summit, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, but when going downhill, you will experience a "high platform diving", stabilize your heart rate, trust your teammates, and slowly pass it!

Old trees, Mountaintop, Large V-grooves, Gobi, 723 meters in length, takes for 2 hours, the Wrangler increased by more than 4 inches. The reason why this road was named Prometheus was because it was adjacent to the Devil’s Tongue, and we wanted this great god to suppress the Devil’s Tongue.


难度★★★★★★★ 风景★★★

King Kong: Rocks, ridges, cliffs, mountaintop, and the Great Wall,with 188 meters long and takes 2 hours. "King Kong" has the same effect as the famous "Lion Back" of MOAB in the United States. It has become one of the routes for many cross-country lovers.

Looking to the distance, the ridge in front of it is like the strong arms of King Kong in the movie stretching to the sky. You must always pay attention to the guidance of your companions, remember to keep your fuel steady, because the ridges under your feet are too narrow, and you will slip into the bottom without paying attention.


难度★★★★★★★★ 风景★★★★★

Seven kilometers:The Great Wall, Fantastic rocks, Mountaintops, Old trees, Riverbeds, and Night scenes are 7 kilometers in length. It takes 6 hours, the Wrangler increased by more than 4 inches. This is the first road built by the Hook Trail, with great significance. The documentary "Seven Kilometers" is filmed here. It is a classic in the classic.

Seven kilometers almost contain all the classic cross-country elements. It looks like a dragon hovering in the Helan Mountain when viewed from the sky. There are twelve difficult points, each one is worth watching, you can't go back after entering, what you can do is relying on teamwork to overcome the   difficulties.


难度★★★★★★★★ 风景★★★

Ladder:The Great Wall,Fantastic rocks, Steep slopes, and mountaintops are 454 meters long and takes 45 minutes. The "Ladder" is about 110 meters long, with a slope of 50 degrees or more, and a few slopes of 70 degrees.It’s a extreme line for the braves. 

Looking up from the foot of the mountain, a tortuous "road" runs through the sky. Several awkward stones are like ladders of the road. You must climb extremely carefully. When you can only see the sky in front of you, you should trust the teammates who commanded you, if you want to complete the summit.



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