Hooke Trail

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The Hooke Trail is the road for braves and the holy land.Here is the details of 23 lines.(3)

It’s very unforgettable when the first line of the Hooke Trail was built. We worked in the mountains during the day in those days, and in the evening we came home, lied on the bed, the sound of the wind was still ringing in our ears...

We became more and more tacit understanding later, and more and more new lines emerged as time passed through. There are also many new faces joined us at that time, such as the post- 70s, 80s, and 90s.People who are at any age, should not lose the pioneering spirit of exploiting.


难度★★★★★★★★ 风景★★★★

Mountaintops,windmills,old trees,Yinchuan’s panoramic view, Wrangler shoul be 4 inches above, the rollover index was 4 stars, the death index was 4 stars, and the total length was 2.41 kilometers, which will take 6 hours to pass through.

Hell Cat:

This road is very beautiful although it’s not long, there are many natural stone walls and old trees, also full of difficult points, such as Shimen, Super Slope, Super Large Step, Super Large V-Ditch. Looking down from the top,the road, looks like a cat from hell, ferry to all beings.


难度★★★★★★★★ 风景★★★


The Great Wall,Fantastic Rocks, Mountaintops, Wrangler 4 inches or more,the ollover index is 3 stars and the death index is 4 stars, 587 meters in length, which needs 1 hour and 15 minutes to pass through.

Cold, ruthless, waiting for an opportunity to move, this is python, do not be confused by its gorgeous appearance, you may be injured, even be destroyed,if you are not careful.


难度★★★★★★★★ 风景★★★★

Peak of Fear:

Laughing Stones, mountaintops, old trees, Fantastic Rocks, Large V-ditches, turning and increasing Angle Crossing Axis, Yinchuan’s panoramic view, Wrangler increased by more than 4 inches, the rollover index is 4 stars, the death index is 4 stars, total  2.1 kilometers in length, takes 4 hours to finish driving.

The Peak of Fear contains four peaks, and the slopes with a drop of nearly 100 meters can be seen everywhere. Large V-grooves, turning and increasing Angle Crossing Axis, Side Slopes that cannot be accelerated, and other difficult points are like guards running through the four peaks.

Under the clear sky, the mountains are beautiful and extremely beautiful. It is on a ridge with less than one car width. On both sides is a deep abyss, which is dizzy. This is the feeling of true fear.


难度? 风景★★★

Great Rift Valley:

Fantastic Rocks, Cliffs, Mountaintops, old trees, other unknown indexes, the rock walls on both sides of the road may destroy your car at any time, 454 meters in length.

It is extremely difficult, like the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. It has not been successfully tested yet. Every step needs to be measured carefully. Along the cracks,the abrupt rock wall is like a naturally formed organ, and full of danger.


难度? 风景★

Squid Back:

Fantastic Rocks, mountaintops, Rock Walls, Wildflowers, the rollover index is 3 stars, other indexes are unknown, 297 meters in length,  the line of departure and return are complex, like the tail of the fish, ready to rise high.

The weathered rock walls look like a piece of fish scales. The fish will become a dragon, and the head of the fish is the summit of the mountain. So far, it has not been successfully tested.


难度不详 风景★★★★

At first we set the level of Enlightenment to 9th level, but after the Redwood Club Chairman Michael completed the route,the line was evaluated as Level 15.So how hard it is, you need to experience it by yourself !


The Gobi, Steps,Steep Slopes,mountaintops,Fantastic Rocks, and the Great Wall are 3.3 kilometers in length. The stone at the entrance of the cliff is like the old man enlightened his heart,sitting quietly on the mountainside, and became a sthone for thousands of years.

The towering cliffs, look like being cut off by the wind or other sharp weapons,have  distinct layers; the green plants between the mountains and the rocks intersect with the sky .The beautiful scenery creates a beautiful landscape paintin

On the way to "Enlightenment", some difficulties are very high, close to the height of two people, while others are too narrow for a car to pass through. so large without the outside,so small without the inside, nothing outside,nothing inside... The end of Enlightenment is connected to the "Seven Kilometers".You will get somethings when you finish the line.



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