Hooke Trail

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The Hooke Trail is the road for bravers and the holy land Here is the details of 23 lines.(4)

There are many off-road trails holy lands in the world,only a few of them can be called classics. The Rubicon Trail, Moab, are the pilgrimage site for off-road fans in the US.

In China,the Hooke Trail represents a spirit of perseverance and innovation is inspiring people. It’s called the world's third largest off-road holy land.

In the future, Hooke Trail will build 70 trails. We are too old to walk anymore at the time, but the story about Safari man in the winter of 2014 will be heard and told by later people... ...


难度★★★★★★★ 风景★★★

Big King Kong:

Fantastic Rocks, Ridges,Cliffs, Mountaintops, Steep Slopes, Wranglers rise above 2.5 inches.The “Big King Kong”is attached to the King Kong, but taller and steeper than it. The spine appears narrower and more dangerous,that makes the contact surface between the vehicle tire and the mountain more limited.

It’s very important for the commander and the driver to have precise judgment and operation when climbing the Big King Kong. It also requires great courage and intimate trust and understanding between each other. The key moments also need the help of the winch.


难度★★★★ 风景★★★★

The Line 3 of the Great Wall:

Old trees, Fantastic RockS, Side Breaks, Ridges, Gobi, Great Wall, Wranglers rise above 2.5 inches.

The Great Wall Line 3 is a round-trail route with beautiful views from top to bottom. you can overlook the Great Wall and enjoy the mountains. The driving pleasure is endless and the scenery is different.


难度★★★★★★★★★ 风景★★★★


The stones at the entrance to the Mummy look like a mummy, and this is the reason why it has this name. This trail contains many classic factors of rock climbing, such as boulder, steep slopes, gullies, etc. It is necessary to be vigilant when pass through.

It is worth mentioning that the Mummy’s tail can penetrate the “crocodile mouth”,which is one of the difficulties of the Jeep Park classic line, seven kilometers (Hooke Trail). It is very difficult because of the rain’s washing, and it is very thrilling when going downhill.


难度★★★★ 风景★★★★★

Silent Hill:

The scenery level can reach 5 stars. This Silent Hill is not the Silent Hill. It is the second line that can be used to cross the Helan Mountain after the“Helan Mountain”. At the top of the Peak, you can see the lights of the city at the same time.

The reason why people like twinkling lights, is hoping those lights can warm a place in their heart. The lights can illuminate the way home, and only the home, will give people peace and quiet.

Michael Trail

难度★★★★★★★★★ 风景★★★★

Michael Trail:

It is the only trail named after the character’s name currently. ,in order to pay tribute to the pioneers, who keeps the insistence and reluctance. This trail also represents a promise.


The Michael Trail is sometimes flat, sometimes sloping, like life, not smooth sailing, only to experience hardships and temper,you can climb to the top.

Among the 23 trails of the Hooke Trail, some are named after the names of the people and the gods. Some are named after animals and legends. Some names are unrestrained, and some sound daunting.

Hooke trail ,each of them has own story.

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