Hooke Trail

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I met an angle at the Hooke Trail

His name is Aaron, our photographer on the way to desert and the Hooke Trail for the past two days (this is his second occupation).

Allen comes from South Carolina, USA. He was born in 1983, in the year of the pig,according to Chinese genus. When he was seventeen, he got cancer. And then he spent two years for chemotherapy, injections, and medicine ... Fortunately, he didn’t come across death.

Allen told me that his teacher was very nice, and he told him it was ok to do less homework.He also had many friendly friends who spent many time with him. He had nice parents who had been taking care of him.

During that time, whenever he was tortured by the pain of the bones to death, the nurses accompanyed him ...


After Allen recovered, he wanted to be a doctor to save more people, but found that it would take at least ten years to learn medicine. Although doctors get much pay salary, it is not enough to take care of the patient. What he said means the inability to get along with the patient.

So he decided to be a nurse, he went to the university and chose nursing. After graduating, he worked at a cancer center to help take care of the patients there.

In 2007, he came to Shanghai, China as an exchanged student about five months to train nursing profession. Allen thought his work help the Chinese people much, so he came to Shanghai to continue his teaching courses and then met his wife in 2011.

He would go to an orphanage in Shanghai as a volunteer every weekend or at rest.This is a special orphanage where all the children are with birth defects, from public orphanages across the country.

In a public orphanage, an aunt has to take care of more than 30 children, while in this orphanage, an aunt, only takes care of up to three children.

These children are basically disabled, the largest is 7 years old, the smallest is only 12 days, and many are growing up during treatment. At first,Allen started to go there one day every week, then two days, three days, four days, five days, six days, seven days...

Finally, he quit his job as a lecturer and became the dean of the orphanage. Allen and his wife adopted the only twelve days old child.

Up to now, they have taken care of more than one hundred and sixty children who will be adopted after recovery.

Allen took a lot of cute photos for these children, and put them on the Internet for somesone who want to adopt them. This is how his photography technique become better and better.

Allen told me that a four-year-old child was abandoned by his parents in the hospital when his hands was discovered deformed.Now the child is seven years old and very smart.

I asked him if he needs money? He said, no need. Many people are helping them now, including Ford Motor Company, L'Oreal Company, especially the wife of L'Oreal's general manager, who takes care of the children every week.

He said what children need is accompanying,and the volunteers can do that.

I asked Allen about his future wishes. He wished the orphanages will open to all the provinces in China, preferably at the opposite of the public orphanages in each province. And there will be no need to run around with the children during the inspection.


When talking about the shortage of money, I learned from his friends that they sold their American house...Speaking of this, Allen was very calm, while talking about children, he was full of love,which it would overflow... What he hopes is to cure and take care of these children.

I am very fearful about taking care of children because it’s very difficulty.But Allen has carefully cared for the abandoned young lives year after year.

It’s very sacred and proud for me to take photos with Allen, his greatness warms me... What can I do? I wrote his story plainly, I just want everyone to learn about it... Yeah, the name of that orphanage is "The Healing Home".

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