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2018 Camp Jeep--Daddy goes to the Hooke Trail--- The growth of little Jeeper

Jeeper's National Day holiday is full of adventure. How will the father Jeeper and his kid do with their vocations together?

Instead of going to the playground or visiting the zoo, Jeeper took his kid into the wheel exploration about the real and true world and nature, and taught him how to face sincere love and each other. Jeeper has his own unique way for his kid’s growth.

During the Camp Jeep,an ultimate trip,Jeeper and his son started an unexpected show"Where is Dad?" Because of sharing and touching this real world together, the love between father and son is as warm and more thorough as the light of the morning sun.

Ye Wenjie, the founder of Jeep Life Club, known as "Huang Ma", the owner of the Wrangler, is leading a club that has 500 people. Starting for Camp Jeep with his son, Xiaoxiao was really a trip without any plan, from Ningbo to Yinchuan about 2,200 

kilometers. Lao Ye had no plans to bring Xiaoxiao together before leaving, he said to his son: "Daddy is going to the desert for a few days."

Xiaoxiao asked: "Is the desert very hot?"

Lao Ye said: "No matter how hot it is, I have to go."

Xiaoxiao replied: "Then I will go too!"

Lao Ye, not like other fathers, laughed and said without hesitation: "Okay! Let's go together!"

They spent 5 minutes making a decision, 20 minutes packing luggage and clothes. Ye Wenjie and his son Xiaoxiao and the team left for Yinchuan together half an hour later. Getting closer to the most natural world, he will become more real! This is what Lao Ye said, and it is also what the Jeeper fathers’ thoughts in mind.

Although they started their journey quickly, but this was Xiaoxiao’s first time to go out with "Yellow Wrangler" and he was not used to it. As long as took away the mobile phone or the iPad, he started crying and making trouble, and this made Lao Ye feel hopeless. When entered the desert, Xiaoxiao behaved even more lovely. He was particularly scared when he was in a car to desert for the first time, with tears on the face and shouted to go home. But when he saw the team lined up in a row of handsome riding blades, rushing the waves, he could not help but be curious.

While watching his father doing desert rescue, seeing daddy trailer rope, command, teammates and even many strangers cooperate with each other, Xiaoxiao was completely attracted and changed his thoughts. The next day when the team left the desert, Xiaoxiao even reluctantly said to Lao Ye: "Daddy, let's wait for the car behind!" "Dad, let's turn a few more waves! It’s super cool!" What Jeeper father brought to their children is to feel the real world by themselves, and share their courage when facing unknown future.

The desert sky is full of sunshine at sunset. Lao Ye and his teammates set up tents in the highland facing the Sandao Lake, and Xiaoxiao helped setting up a stove on the sand. Playing sand is really very happy to him.

The cast iron teapot is heated with steam floating and the grilled kebabs sizzle with aroma. Xiaoxiao sat behind Lao Ye, surrounding by people, and listened to these Jeepers talking about the past travels, laughed with them. This pleasant and unique moment is very enjoyable to the father and son.

When the night came,Lao Ye wrapped up his own big racing suit for Xiaoxiao and waited for an appointment with 50,000 stars.

Leaving the familiar bed, climbing into the tent on the car, lying in the nature ,the "Little Jeeper" was no longer afraid of the wilderness. Watching the slowly flowing Galaxy, truly touch this most authentic beautiful world by himself, everything is incomparably fresh to him.

King Kong is very steep and extremely difficult to climb. When the whole new generation of Wranglers roared the engine, crushed the sandstone, the Jeeper, who successfully climbed to the top of the sky, couldn’t wait any more and prepare to challenge himself. The fourth challenger Lao Ye was stopped by his worrying son. Lao Ye said: "You must believe in yourself and believe in Dad." Xiaoxiao was moved by his father’s stained eyes and powerful arms. Although he still did not speak, he squatted on the yellow horse and deflated the tires with his father, getting ready for the challenge.

Climbing was very stunning, Xiaoxiao had been reluctant to look up, but keep saying: "The yellow horse is my father!" At the moment of the summit, Xiaoxiao swept his fear and cheered up. When Lao Ye came to the ground, He raised his son and they both immersed in the joy of victory.

Xiaoxiao was no longer a weak child from now on. He was an indispensable hero in the team. The honed“Little Jeeper”had now never changed its color and stayed stable during the challenge. Lao Ye said: "Only a real experience can make him a real man."

After a few days of growth, Xiaoxiao were getting closer to nature. He squatted on the floor to play "Little Yellow Horse". He became more outgoing and asked some other unfamiliar kids to play with him, no longer shy and introverted. Seeing other "Little Jeeper" fell to the ground, Xiaoxiao rushed to help the partner in the first time, without his father’s reminder or order, everything just happened with his simple and sincere heart. Xiaoxiao and other children holding "Little Yellow Horse" in his hand, at this time, had tossed his games and electronic products out of his mind, and imagined that one day he would drive the "Big Yellow Horse " like his father, lead the team and become a hero-- Tender Jeeper.

Da Miao, the founder of the WABC barrier-free art path, following the "Yellow Horse" all the way, who is dealing with children all day, said: Now the children have natural deficiency, if the children do not have contact with nature, do not learn, explore and experience in nature. Their feelings and perceptions will be affected, and become easier to be lonely, anxious, irritable, lacking something in growth.

The Jeeper fathers took the children to explore the most authentic world together instead of just playing. What’s more, they brought the children into the real world and nature, and opened a kind of life without any bondage, gave them a new understanding of the world and themselves.

Jeeper father's responsibilities are to help the baby growing up in a larger world during the life exploration, and let them feel the thrill of life. With a strong sense of responsibility and Jeep's unparalleled sense of security. They are able to give their babies 100% trust.

2018 Camp Jeep, where are we going, Daddy?

Dad won’t go anywhere, he will always be with his children.

Jeeper is not only a group, but also a spirit. It’s a unique way of education, a Jeeper Style for children.

Take them to feel the breeze in the mountains and collect the stars of the desert.

Across the clearness of the river, hold the glory of the sunrise.

Grow up together and become more and more tough and brave!



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