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Jeep Park Build a Trail Build a Life

You should not lose your pioneering spirit at any age, using your experience to define your life. 

In 1967, a group of young people who loved off-road gathered in Moab. During the leisure time after playing, they began to build trails by themselves, and they insisted that for more than 50 yearsOtherwise, they also founded Moab Easter Jeep Safari, a global event for off-road enthusiasts, this year is the 52nd. They are Moab Redstone Four-wheel drive club.

 Today, most of them have been old, but age can’t stop their steps to pioneer. It is their years of hard work that so many trails have been built for a large number of enthusiasts to play. The reason why Moab can become a off-road holy land is related to their development and insist. 

In the remote East, there is also a off-road holy land called Jeep Park, which belongs to we Chinese. Its development is exactly as the same way that the Redstone Four-wheel drive club built the Moab line. More than a dozen people used the air pick, gun, steel chisel and iron shovel to create off-road trails which meet the request of different difficulties.

Jeep Park is located at the southern end of Helan Mountain and it was upgraded on the original Hooke Trail. The trail in the park are varied. Due to the flood drain, when rains, the original difficult gully may be filled with the gravel which brought by rain, and the previously seemingly flat road may be washed by rain and becomes a new difficulty.

In the park, more than 20 trails with different sizes have been opened to public. Some of them can take you the experience the thrill of climbing; some can take you the extreme views of the Helan Mountain. The pace of Jeeper's development will never stop. Last weekend, the construction of the 22nd trail quietly started. 

Most companions of this road’s construction are new to the team. In their words, if they don't come to Jinhai Ruicheng, they may not have the experience in their whole life. 

The new trail is attached to the side of King Kong, with a cliff in one side and a precipice in the other side. Too many details will not be revealed. Today's protagonists are the young men who built the road for the first time. 

On the way to Jeep Park, the excitement of the boys was overwhelming, and the excitement may have continued till now when they just received the notice of road repair.

The weather in the mountains was sunny, and the sun was showing off from time to time. Everyone was very energetic. JK570 dragged the gun to stop at the end of King Kong. Everyone connected two tubes of several tens of meters long and climbed to the top with tools such as air pick, iron shovel and steel chisel. These preparations are enough to drink a pot of water for those who don’t exercise regularly.

The road was officially started from the screaming "burst", which lasted for several of hours, or maybe longer, because around the ears, the sound was still ringing at night

Some sections on the ridge are only allowed one person to turn around, and the vehicle must be modified if it needs to pass. The stone of Helan Mountain is really hard, and the viscosity is high. After a few minutes drills of air pick, there is no movement of stone.

The strong vibration of air pick caused the pain in both arms, which cannot be felt at that time. Some people could not lift their arms the next day. There was also a reddish skin under the scorching sun, which was also only revealed till next day. 

Actually, the workload of this trail construction is too small, which can’t be matched to the workload of the construction of the "seven kilometers". After one day’s polishing, these “new repairers of the trail” have persisted, and their respect for the trail-making predecessors has also arisen.

The work came to an end. Everyone sat around in a circle and had a lunch and chat. Some people’s sweat stains stained the young face with dust. Some people just sat on the ground and didn’t want to move. You will never understand that till you experience it.

“Why have you been able to persist to repair the trail in Moab for decades?” 

“Because of love, because we are already a family.” 

Members of the Moab Red Rock Four-Drive Club replied.

I think we are the same

 I don’t dare to mention my feeling;

 the hard of persistent is in the bottom of everyone’s heart. 

Although 『Roads Untraveled Hooke is difficult to pass, 

there is no other way to back away in our heart.



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