Hooke Trail

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BFGoodrich VS Hooke

On September 14, 2018, KM3, a new-generation product of the world’s leading off-road tire brand, was officially launched in China. The first stop of the KM3 test is Roads Untraveled Hooke, the off-road mecca in China.


Roads Untraveled Hooke is worshiped by fans of the world’s leading brand of off-road tires, BFGoodrich VS Hooke trail. What kind of chemistry will the two “No.1” meet and create? 


As the latest product of KM series, the tread design and upgraded rubber formula of KM3 are new. “Born for climbing. Born for mud. Born for challenges.” Such a Slogan fits perfectly with Hooke’s ultimate off-road trails, where KM3 will be tested.

Starting from Yinchuan, through Hooke Trail of Helan Mountain and Tengger Desert, the road condition is dominated by gravel, slope, gobi, rock wall and desert. This is undoubtedly a great challenge and test to the performance of KM3. 

Known as the “lion’s back” . In China, the classic route of Hooke Trail “King Kong” has smooth rock walls and narrow ridges, which may fall slightly inadvertently. 

On a smooth ridge, if you lower the tire pressure and make the tire and ground fit larger, the additional friction will be converted into traction. Believe in yourself, believe in the commanding ahead, the steep cliff will be at the top in the next second. 

 Drivers and herdsmen traverse the Helan Mountains, huge rock ravines and river beds covered with razor blades, making KM3 high strength tire walls with puncture resistance and tear resistance useful. 

Sprinkle a wilderness in the mud of Tengger Desert. The tires roll up the sand to the sky. It is a flash in the panorama. KM3’s huge pattern blocks are in close contact with Tengger, providing a remarkable grip for JL.

JK570 said, “many people claim that they will conquer this or conquer that. As a off-road man, don’t talk about conquest. Off-road is to go beyond ourselves. We are too small, to feel nature with a heart of awe is enough. Free ridges, cross Gobi, go through the desert, swim the sand sea. The collision between the Hooke trail and the road of Burgh is filled with boundless passion and heat.

“心无止径 越野越强" 百路驰KM3 虎克之路花絮



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